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TRADEWELL ELECTRONICSCO., LTD is a excellent electronic components agent, which is not only afamous authorized distributor that has many electronics components brands, butalso a many electronic manufacturing enterprises and research institutions'certificated supplier. Our business products coverage is at a world-wide range.Focus on Communication, Datacom, Mobilitydevices, Industrial, Lighting, Consumer and automotive.Besides having a widescale component brands to supply, TRADEWELL has been set upnumerous Sales and Technical service centers in Asia to fulfill customers'enquiries in every way, in time.

Our believing is to put customers in the center. To be a valueoriented company, we focus on product technology promotions and demandinnovations. In order to provide a thorough integration services, we have aprofessional team which is a service triangle, that knows the market, thetechnology and the sales trend very well. As of that, we could always servicecustomers very closely. We are not only just a supplier, but also aprofessional consultant that could help customers solving technicaldifficulties and provide the most thoughtful and fast services.

TRADEWELL adopts a matrix organization thatseparates the service team into different functional types: Product Marketing team, Sales team and Customer Service team. We have companiesregistered in TAIWAN, HONGKONG, SHENZHEN and HEFEI. And, we have Sales offices and technicalservice in Taiwan, Hongkong, China (Shenzhen, Suzhou,Beijing, Chengdu, Hefei) to service customers regionally and locally.

Our company goal is committed to become a leading solutions provider of Connectors, Cables & electronic components and offering an integrated service platform to our customers.